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Stormy weather can have extreme consequences for your crops … especially if a promising harvest is abruptly destroyed by hail. AgriSeker supports our clients during every troublesome step of the way when risks threaten farming operations. Determining damage is where the AgriSeker Family’s expertise really comes into play.

Crop insurance is essential because climatic elements cause variability and increase risk in agricultural production. Choose wisely and protect your crop from unforeseen catastrophes with AgriSeker’s comprehensive and sustainable risk management solutions and products.

We provide confidence and a financial risk management service to the farmer. Cash flow pressure and other influences on prosperity is a reality, therefore we, together with our insurer, Land Bank Insurance Company (SOC) worked on strategies for the benefit of the producer. Our insurance solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of farmers, focusing not only on providing solid insurance, but also risk management solutions.

Although AgriSeker covers grains and oilseeds, orchards, together with vineyards and vegetables are also insured against damage from most weather conditions such as hail, frost, wind and fire, as well as unforeseen accidents like a heavy vehicle losing its load enroute to a silo. We are also there to help if the neighbour’s cattle break through the fence to feast on the delicious green maize.

Training is provided annually for all intermediaries and insurance brokers to ensure that the best and most appropriate advice reaches the farmer and client.

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The team of about 140 assessors is subject to an intense learning and training process, so they are enabled to properly weigh, measure, count and accurately estimate the damage of each type of crop. Any assessment on the field must be handled by a specialist, therefore all our assessors are annually accredited and only the best expertise is applied to determine losses quickly and accurately.

After the assessment of damage, payment is handled quickly and precisely. When farmers insure their crops with AgriSeker, they can have the confidence and peace of mind that claims will be paid out on time. AgriSeker and LBIC’s payment methods are also backed by a reinsurance panel of a high-quality international ratings. Our flexibility and financial stability enable us to pay crop insurance claims swiftly and accurately. We add value to your farming business with the most appropriate workflow, expert product application and advice within the context of our statutory obligation.

AgriSeker conducts extensive research into technological progress to effectively address our clients’ ever-changing needs. We offer an operational and insurance support service, featuring a new unique underwriting and management portal system. This ensures prompt service which offers our clients accurate and effective results and make it easier for farmers to make a quick adjustment at a time that is usually the busiest time during production.

Information is communicated to our customers via the Cumulus (a weekly weather newsletter in season) which includes the immediate climate and weather conditions.

The Cumulus is compiled by Dr Johan Malherbe of the Agricultural Research Council (one of the best qualified agricultural meteorologists in the country) in collaboration with AgriSeker’s own Reinhard Kuschke, who originally started his career as an agricultural meteorologist also within the Agricultural Research Council.